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In Motion

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About this program

Deep Flow’s In-Motion program adds another element to manual therapy by introducing principles of anatomy of movement, in conjunction with somatic frequencies.

Students will study the relationship between soft tissue tension, joint restriction, emotions and breathing patterns to understand chronic tension and address functional issues.

Students will also learn to integrate specific breath-coaching techniques to reduce holding patterns and bring clients to experience conscious releases.

The teachings promote long-term stability for the client while supporting students to comprehend and work with the body as a multi-dimensional model.

Content and Goals


  • Present key elements of anatomy of movement
  • Study the relationship between bones, soft tissues, joint restrictions, emotions and the breath
  • Understand and work with primary and secondary tension patterns
  • Apply joint release techniques to address chronic tension
  • Integrate joint movements within myofascial release techniques to reach deeply lodged adherences, or “knots”
  • Present body-reading principles based on the moving body
  • Develop manual skills to expand clients’ range of motion
  • Coach the breath at opportune times to further release holding patterns
  • Support the emotional body throughout the releasing process
  • Develop yoga-inspired biomechanics to support the practitioner

Who is this for

  • Yoga teachers / therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Bodyworkers / Spa practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Shiatsu / Thai practitioners
  • Personal Trainers




It is recommended but not mandatory to take this program following the Deep Flow Foundation program.


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The intention of this program is develop student’s skills to expand clients’ range of motion and help them open to new possibilities for their body, mind and breath.

Personal Growth

The concepts and principles of the In-Motion Program deepen students’ own awareness of movement so that they feel, move and live at their full potential.

Meet your teacher(s)

Mylène Bergeron
Anne Compagnon

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