Anne Compagnon

Anne discovered manual therapy through massage in California in the 1980s. It was love at first touch and she decided to make it her trade. As a certified massage therapist in the USA, most often engaging in structural work and Deep Tissue techniques, she practiced and taught there for over 20 years.

While in Vancouver in 2009, Anne met Mylène and discovered Deep Flow. Once again it was instant love! Deep Flow gives coherence to what Anne has learned, practiced and continues to shift towards. This methodology gives her a sense of freedom while offering sound guidelines.

Anne moved back to Europe a few years ago and has been infusing the French massage community with the Deep Flow philosophy ever since. Her teaching style is described as sensitive and respectful while encouraging curiosity and expansion of self.

Her mantra: “Limits exist only in the minds of those who can not dream” ~ Philippe Petit

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Mylène Bergeron

Trained as a manual therapist, Mylène has been immersed in the field of bodywork since graduating from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, in 1999.

Mylène’s tangible, adaptable and engaged teaching style concentrates foremost on the well-being of practitioners as a means to deepen their ability to hold space, connect and be present for their clients.

She believes that manual therapy increases awareness, sensibility and balance. It is by bringing the client to truly understand those elements from deep within that makes possible long-term beneficial transformation.

Mylène teaches around the world and lives at the beach in El Salvador with her partner and their son.

Her mantra: We live on a planet that spins around in the middle of nowhere so we might as well enjoy the ride!

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